Friday, 27 June 2014

Post Op Gastric Band at The Hospital Group Post!

The rest of the pre-op diet

Well the rest of the pre op diet went fairly uneventfully. I didn’t have any “funny turns” like I’d imagined. I DID find it hard not to want to eat everything ever but not enough for it to dominate my life and make it miserable. And in total I lost a stone (from 18st to 17st) ...which I am really chuffed at because this I see as the bonus loss!

Right this is quite an in-depth description of what happened so if you want to skip the details, I won’t be offended. I am providing them really for anyone who is to go through the same process and perhaps a bit nervous about it. And tbh I probably won’t be bringing many of the funnies because how funny can a hospital visit be?! So really, I’m advising you switch off now if you don’t want to read a snore-fest. Yep, self-promotion is my middle name.....

I was a small! I was pathetically proud of this for some reason!
The Hospital Trip

So on the Sunday night I did start to get a little nervous. Not really about the op itself but just how it would all pan out, how would I feel on NO food all day, would my room be horrible, would the nurses be all bitches or whatevs (they weren’t!). I had a call on Saturday informing me that I would be picked up between 6.30-7am Monday morning (which I guessed meant I was scheduled for afternoon surgery). I packed and got everything ready hoping to spend a relaxing evening chilling and watching crappy TV before getting an early night.

However BOTH my children had other ideas. My little girl was ill and very unsettled and my boy was too hyper and hot to sleep. Needlesstosay I didn’t have the best nights’ sleep.

At 6.45am Ken, my driver, knocked the door and off we went. Car was very clean. Not massively comfortable but like an average taxi. Ken wasn’t greatly talkative (I’d read that some of the drivers for THG like a chat) but I was grateful because I really wanted to catch up on some zzzz’s. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any but I dozed. (Interesting eh?! Christ I’m boring MYSELF!)

We got to Dolan Park at 8.41am. The reception area is like a hotel. I was told to sit and that a nurse would need to take my bloods before I was to be shown to my room. I waited. Some other people started arriving. I subtly tried to work out what they were “in” for without being caught spying. I saw a few people checking me out, and a nervous looking woman trying to make eye contact with me (I was too tired to strike up chats at that time...miserable I know!!!!)  I needn’t have bothered trying to guess. Dr Hewin (the lovely posh consultant I saw and who performed the op) is a bariatric specialist and I should have realised they were all in for the same as me.

After about an hour the nurse started seeing people to take bloods and we were all shipped “behind the scenes” to our rooms. I have to say, they seemed to take an armful of blood but I didn’t feel a THING. And I’ve had a LOT of blood taken in my life!

I have included a few pretty pics of the room below AND my first ever mini vlog! Sorry it’s SO close up (skin looks so OLD). I’m also talking thru my teeth because I was aware that my driver would walk in before I’d finished and if you listen carefully you’ll hear him knocking just before I finish. I’m trying to show the chicken coup.

Bed selfie!

I was in room 19 which was on a bit of a funny angle. But it was clean and light. You have your own bathroom with a shower. I had a view of lovely luscious vegetation but it actually turned out that this was a chicken pen with the noisiest chickens and geese EVER. Thank GOD I bought ear plugs with me. BRING EAR PLUGS!

The chicken coup!
After the nurses came in a did blood pressure checks etc I was told the surgeon would pop in to say hi when he got in (about 1pm) and that I should be showered and ready to go by 12pm. Showered? Is it cos chubbies tend to be a bit sweatier/stinkier and they don’t want to have to deal with unnecessary body stank in theatre???? Anyway it was only 10ish so I just got into bed, watched This Morning/Loose Women, listened to my growling stomach, dozed, flicked through my magazine, Facebooked (free Wi-Fi!) and generally dossed until the anaesthetist came and introduced himself. Then about an hour later (bit slow going this...was 2.21pm) Dr Hewin came in, quite rushed, and very quickly went through whatever he normally tells patients. Interestingly he told me I’d only have 3 incisions but I came out with 5?! Not that I am that bothered about the scarring on my belly. After a polyhydramnios pregnancy and a diastasis recti my belly is buggered with bagginess and stretch marks. I actually asked him how complicated it was to mend a diastasis recti (in brief...where your abdo muscles have split in pregnancy and then not knitted back together afterwards, leaving you with a perma-paunch high up in your abdomen) secretly hoping he’d stick a few stitches during surgery! Um, no. Apparently it’s REALLY HARD TO MEND. Ugh. Oh well, no harm in chancing yer arm eh?!

Another hour passed and I was headachey, thirsty AND hungry by this time and a nurse came in and told me I’d be in within the hour. Next thing I knew I was being walked up to surgery on the first floor with a sexy hair net, attractive gown, paper pants and DVT socks. I looked lush. I was sat in the room outside surgery with an bored / awkward looking nurse trying to make conversation. Then to her relief the anaesthetist came and got me. I was led in to lie on the Jesus-on-the-cross shaped bed. I asked if the reason my arms were stretched out and strapped down at this angle was because I might get violent and hit them mid surgery?! They didn’t seem amused....people started faffing around; I was told I’d feel drunk soon; I shouted “woohoo!” and was out.

When I came round I was very, very groggy in surgery. I was vaguely aware of being wheeled back to my room. Then every hour or so nurses coming in and doing checks whilst I drifted in and out of consciousness. Then about 8pm I got a bit more with it and texted the family, posted on Facebook etc that I had managed not to die in theatre. I wasn’t at all nauseous or in much pain, just very dozy. And blissfully I was allowed a coffee and some soup! Disappointingly for a private hospital, it was cheap instant coffee and a cup-a-soup. Boo to paying millions for private surgery and having INSTANT COFFEE!

Instant coffee....i'm looking pleased because i'm delirious with thirst.

I slept pretty well, apart from a bout of insomnia at 3am when the nurses gave me some liquid painkillers. Even the chickens waking at 4am didn’t really bother me. At 6am I was woken for checks and offered yogurt, coffee, juice and randomly Ambrosia custard. I could only manage coffee and custard (custard for BREAKFAST YOU GUYS!) then I had a shower and was picked up by the mega chatty, Stateside accented Alex. We talked animatedly all the way home ...with him giving me grim tales of people chucking up and weeing in the back of his car....which I thankfully I managed to restrain myself from doing.

Then I got home to my lovely husband who had cleaned the house, who was avidly awaiting my news of surgery and I promptly lost all will to be awake let alone talk and went back to bed for a few hours.

Post Op Recovery.

I’ve actually been really, really well. I’ve been sleepy but not sick at all. So far no indigestion and not really any huge deferred wind pain. Bit of a sore shoulder this morning and my belly feels bruised and swollen still but the actual puncture wounds are healing really nicely. I would have written this post a lot sooner but I’ve had a sickly baby to help look after. I say help, because despite her being my daughter, my restricted movement has meant my brilliant husband has had to do most of the hard slog of being up all night with her etc. Her timing is AWFUL. Today was actually the first day I’ve had to laze around on the sofa with total peace and quiet and write this master piece for you all!

So I am eating: a couple of slimfast shakes, a small yogurt, a small serving of soup. And drinking as much fluid (sugar free squash/coffee/water) as I want. I actually was a bit worried that I’d get dehydrated because I drink loooooooooads of water/fluids normally. But as long as I don’t chug it, I am fine to be drinking loads.

I do find that I am having a furry tongue and stinky breath though. And today I’ve actually felt hungry for the first time and a little shaky as if I haven’t eaten enough. But I had milkshake and the feeling passed.

I am very much looking forward to mushed foods though. I am counting the (many) seconds.

Oh yeah! Weight loss.....well I heard you could actually put weight on in the week following your op which is a disgrace! But of course all your innards are all swollen and bruised and you're pumped full of gas and stuff so I do get it really. But given that you have to go 24 hours without food then you're on virtually NOTHING it seems a bit rum. However, that said, this morning I weighed 16st8lbs. Woohoo! Down 6lbs since Monday. No complaints here!

OK I think this was waaaaaaaaaaaaay long post. I promise future offerings will be shorter (not necessarily sweeter-huh huh, I’m such a wit).

Ciao for now Band-fans!!!!!!!!

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  1. Not boring! Not boring at all! Absolutely fascinating and I DEVOURED the entire post. So glad you came through it all OK and are feeling quite well. Onwards and downwards, eh?

    1. Ha! Thanks you! Mwah!!! yey to being THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had a gastric band the same time as you. Except in a different hemisphere. Snap.

    1. How you feeling and where you aaaaat? South Africa?

  3. Melbourne, Australia. Too bloody right mate. I'm good except for popping a stich last Monday. No more cartwheeling for me. I've been on liquids (soups etc) for 2 weeks, about to start mushies for two weeks. Researching lots about nutrition. I got liver disease and COPD as well, but only mild for both. Can weight to get smaller and healthier.

    1. Melbourne? I lived there for a year. I miss it! :'( I am SO excited about sloppy foods. I am on a chat room here for banded fatties if you're interested in saying hi:

  4. Not boring! I hope you're feelng better and the mushies are yummo.

    1. They totally are! toooo tasty! need to watch my fat and calorie intake now! :) can't live on soft cheese, crab pate, avocado and buttery scrambled eggs! Ahem! New post soon! Xx

  5. Wow so useful to those considering it, so glad you are feeling good and great you lost weight so quickly! Thanks for sharing this post and linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    1. Pleasure! Thanks for letting me link! X

  6. Wow. I think you are really brave. I don't think I could cope with having that done. I know that anyone waiting for a gastric band op will find this post really helpful. I am so glad that you are on the road to recovery and that you've already lost weight. That is amazing. I hope you enjoy the mushy food when you get to eat it. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thanks Mrs H! From another Mrs H! ;) Xx